How it works?

SiTO allows users to search and immediately watch videos streamed from any torrent tracker. All you need is any Kodi-compatible device, installed Kodi app, torrent player and SiTO add-on installed, which does all the magic.

Stream video from torrents

Browse torrents or use search to find torrents directly via Kodi user interface, and stream video files from any torrent file or magnet link

Based on BitTorrent

Video files streaming works via bittorrent protocol — make your choice, lean back and start watching

100% free

SiTO add-on is free to use. Enjoy wide range of media content available for immediate playback for free via popular torrent trackers

Multiple platforms support

SiTO works on any Android device. We're working on support of Android TV, Windows, macOS, Linux and even Raspberry Pi!

Smooth playback

SiTO relies only on world's most popular torrent trackers, so the video playback performs fast, smooth and in highest available quality

Native Kodi user interface

SiTO integrates nicely with Kodi entertainment platform. So you still get watching experience you used to, with one difference – video playback is performed now via torrents!


SiTO user interface is crafted using best practices for creating Kodi add-ons, in order to make your user experience smooth and delightful.

Step 1: Install Kodi app

Download and install Kodi on your device.
Skip this step if you Kodi is already installed.

Step 2: Install torrent player

Since Kodi can't play torrent files by itself, you will need a special video player which supports torrents and magnet links. We recommend installing BitX video player, since it performed best in our tests and proved to be most compatible with SiTO add-on.

Step 3: Download SiTO add-on

Installation package

Download latest version of SiTO installation package and install add-on via repository or manually.
Download installation package

Step 4: install SiTO add-on

Before you proceed to installation make sure you completed Step 1 & Step 2, and have Kodi and BitX installed and launched.

Primary: Install from repository

  • Navigate to Add-ons → Video add-ons → Add-on browser → Install from zip file.
  • Then navigate to Get Add-ons → SiTO.TV Add-ons → Video Add-ons → SiTO.TV.
    This way you install SiTO via repository and will receive automated updates in future.

Alternative: Regular install from .zip file

Installation from repository may not work for some devices. In this case you can install it manually: simply navigate to Add-ons → Video add-ons → Add-on browser → Install from zip file.


Launch SiTO add-on via Kodi add-on browser and enjoy watching videos via bittorrent protocol!

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